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Aviron Rower: Gamification and fierce competition in the gym or at home.

The Multiple Formats of Virtual Training...

           Which tools best meet your needs? 


​Gamification, Competitions & Immersive features to enhance the user experience

  • Les Mills Virtual Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Stages Solo Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Hydrow Rowing

  • Aviron Rowing

  • StagesStudio -  Group Fitness Display

On Demand, Live Streaming classes 

  • StagesStudio NOW​

  • Les Mills Virtual and Les Mills+

  • Three Sages Restorative Spaces

Instructional and guided workout tools

  • MARS from Escape

  • Mirror


The introduction of Virtual Training tools skyrocketed.

While the Covid-19 Pandemic played a certain role, interest in such tools was already on the rise.  Why? 

  • The most avid gym-goers, The Millennials, want to workout when it fits their own schedule and at the location of their choice.

  • ​As life has become more hectic, many athletes are looking for gamified and immersive ways to escape reality for a bit while working out. 

MARS Screen.jpg
MARS on Rack.jpg

MARS by Escape Fitness is a digital, interactive solution that delivers instruction and inspiration in an easy to use format.

NOW stretch iphone.png

Stages Studio+: A new On Demand and Streaming app by Stages Cycling that connects gyms and studios to their members in their homes.       #ItsAboutYourBrandNotOurs

The Rower by Hydrow : Inspirational rowing sessions lead by world class athletes through waterways around the globe. 

Three Sages recovery wall

Stages Solo : The group ex, performance experience on the cardio floor. Some can't make it to class, others want a quick, high-intensity warm up before the rest of their workout. Stages Solo delivers!

Les Mills+ : Mobile App delivers the cutting edge Les Mills classes to the home, fitness center or wherever the workout needs to be. So many options, so much high energy!

Three Sages : Immersive, restorative wellness solutions delivered where ever people work, live or play. 

An ideal wellness feature for Multi-Family buildings, Corporate offices and in Hospitality. Gift your people with a chance to take their heartrate down a notch. Ask us about the Big Sur Wall featured here. 

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