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Foundation Fitness, LLC was formed in 2009 by brothers, Jim and Scott Liggett and has firmly established itself as a leader in the Commercial Fitness Center Design space. Foundation Fitness is also the parent company and proud distribution partner of leading global cycling brand, Stages Cycling.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the Foundation Fitness team has curated fitness centers across all markets. Clients, trusting their performance training centers, Rec. Center, Boutique studios and in-house amenity gyms represent globally recognized brands, major real estate developers, top-notch training facilities and gyms as well as schools of all levels who place a priority on quality and excellence.

In recent years and throughout the 2020 pandemic, our industry has seen a shift in training habits. The rise of group exercise combined with recent health & safety guidelines have many gym and studio owners reevaluating their membership structure, closely examining the layout of training spaces, modifying and adapting outdoor space and looking into the gym-goer’s home as a way to maintain loyalty and community. Fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve seen a swift increase in the use of Virtual Fitness tools. Our team and vendor partners offer virtual cycling and fitness solutions allowing for safe and effective training in your gym as well as affiliate programs to take your studio classes into the home all while showcasing your brand.

With our expertise in design comes premium, white-glove installation and maintenance. The Foundation Fitness install + support teams boast a proven track record of thorough and courteous work extending beyond installation to preventive maintenance and ongoing support. Our service goal is to deliver a gym with maximum operation and equipment up-time.

We understand each gym design is a unique blend of must have features, hopes and reach. Our diverse offering of commercial fitness brands include industry leaders; Matrix Fitness, Stages Cycling, Escape Fitness, True Fitness, Octane, Intenza, Hydrow, TRX, and many others (Vendor Partners) Our agile team has designed spaces to support all athletic levels, budgets, customization needs and design styles.


We would be honored to work with you.

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    Fitness Center Design For Any Space

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