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Leading with Gym Design. This image shows a 3D design of a fitness center for a multifamily community. Windows across the left side with outfacing cardio. Mirrors agains the back reflect light and equipment. Strength machines from Matrix Fitness in the foreground.

Our Gym Design Consultants begin with a conversation, intent on understanding your unique vision. This is a launching pad to spark ideas, find and resolve challenges.


Window to wall, floor to ceiling your design should have the look and impact you’ve intended.

Our advanced gym design services give you the best window into your completed fitness center.

“I do my best to add some flair once I get to the 3D design stage. By showing the space from several angles and with people training, wall coverings and accurate flooring and lighting gives the client a true perspective of the final project. It helps to reduce surprises on install day."

~ DJ Koons, Foundation Fitness

    Design Consultant

3D design floor plan of commercial fitness center depicts athletes on Matrix Cardio, and floor plan.

Proudly serving clients across the United States with multiple national and international clients and partnerships.

Regional offices: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Southern & Northern California, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana

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