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 XFT-900 Functional Trainer

The ultimate in versatility, TRUE functional trainers provide a host of integrated accessories so members can tailor their workout. The XFT-900 provides space to complete dozens of upper + lower body exercises, and unique vertical adjustment columns that rotate 360 to allow movement in multiple planes.

• Dual weight stack design.

• Pulleys adjust vertically through 65" (165cm)

• Chin bar accommodates optional suspension training bracket

• Fold-down foot platform assists access and retracts into frame when not in use.

ATLAS 200 & 201

ATLAS 200 & 201 Group Training System

Top quality equipment that looks and performs beautifully but won’t dominate a smaller space, the ATLAS 200 Group training solution is fully customizable to accommodate a few individuals or small group training.    

ATLAS 200 Group Training systyem is customizable to meet your group training needs.

ATLAS 200 empty

ATLAS 200 from True Fitness offers the highest quality and versatility in functional training.

ATLAS 200 loaded

(ATLAS 201 includes a 3rd shelf, no accessory hanging rack)

Since 1981, True Fitness has dedicated themselves to integrity. “This is not just tradition built into our products but is our core value. Our equipment is built with dependability as a priority, and our fast and friendly service team is ready to help you every step of the way”

Stryker Slat Treadmill from True Fitness
Stryker 16" monitor



This high-performing treadmill from TRUE reaches a max speed of 12 mph and adjusts to 25% incline making it ideal for HIIT and hill training and a favorite among gym-goers!

  • Shock absorbing slat system provides extra cushion upon impact

  • Multiple console options meet your training and budget needs.

    • From fully connected 16” touch screen to  integrated TV and mirroring, HIIT training or simple and functional.

  • Quick-touch keys for speed and incline adjustments.

  • Three emergency safety stops.

  • Very low maintenance deck system with easy access to motor and electronics.


Offering premium safety features, best-in-class serviceability and versatile ease-of-use, TRUE’s Palisade Climber has been crafted to be rich in experience for exercisers and easy to maintain for your facility. 


Multiple console options provide customizable features, technology, and asset management capabilities for enhanced user engagement

• Deepest Step in the industry

• Step-up assistance

• Double-Braking System


Climb to new heights with the ultimate in incline training from True Fitness. With an incline range of -3% to 30%, this range intensifies workouts like never before.

• A cushioning system and deck built to relieve impact on joints

• Vertical upper handgrips provide support at highest incline

• Featuring TRUE's Monument Workouts

• Optional Step Available

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