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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

We can help you dial in your indoor cycling solution.

Indoor cycling riders share a love of pedaling but their preferred riding experience can vary widely. What’s the best indoor cycling solution for your clientele? We’re here to help you find the perfect bike(s) and create the best experience for your riders! We’ll start with a brief descriptor of the SC3 and SB20.

Do your riders prefer traditional indoor cycling, a fixed freewheel, riding to music in studio-style live or virtual classes? If so, go with the SC3. It’s simple in the best way; get on, ride, and wipe it down when done! The SC3’s Stages Power Meter displays power, cadence and heart rate data on the console and will connect to apps via Bluetooth to display metrics, but all resistance changes will be manual. This bike is perfect in a group class and combined with StagesStudio data display tools create a complete indoor experience. Coming soon, the StagesStudio NOW app takes the StagesStudio experience and delivers your brand, your classes into the home.

Alternately, if your riders are more into the virtual riding and racing experience available thru Zwift, Sufferfest among others, with automatic resistance changes (Sim mode and Erg mode) you may choose to showcase the SB20*. The SB20 falls into the smart bike category and offers precise adjustment points to replicate a rider's outdoor bike fit as specifically as possible. Saddle and handlebars* (taped vs. coated aluminum) can be adjusted for a precise fit or even replaced to use your favorite components. The future-proof technology is ever adapting, adding features like cassette customizations, shift control modifications, and more.

*The SB20 is ideal for in-home or lite-commercial use. Built on a fitness studio-quality Stages Indoor cycling frame for unsurpassed stability and durability, some components such as taped handlebars are not designed for heavy, all day use. SB20 is an excellent solution in corporate and residential amenity gyms, in the home or lite-commercial setting.

Contact Us to learn more about our indoor cycling solutions including the SC3 (+ SC2, SC1) series bikes, SB20, StagesStudio and StagesStudio NOW.

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