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We’re looking for offices, residential communities, and rec. centers that routinely see and cater to cyclists.

It’s safe to say that none of us have experienced anything like the past two years. A global pandemic has a way of affecting every industry and every person. It changed many things, including the way we move and interact with each other, and the cycling sector was no exception.

When gyms and studios were shut down, some studio bikes were sold or rented to class participants and moved into the rider's home. Road cyclists, also told to remain at home were shifted away from being an outdoor, group endeavor to an indoor solo sport using a trainer. Cycling powered on. Whether on a studio bike taking a virtual class or by parking one’s road bike on the trainer, the miles upon miles were ridden to nowhere.

It didn't take long for passionate cyclists to realize that getting outside on a real bike was a perfect break from lockdown. Roads had fewer cars, the air was fresh(er), and the only screen, if any, was a bike computer. Perfect. The start of the pandemic created such a demand for bicycles worldwide that nearly every bike, of nearly all varieties, was sold.

Fast forward (or slow-motion forward) two years and the pendulum swings again. The passion for all types of cycling continues yet most people are hell-bent to get out of the house. Once peaceful, empty roads and bike paths are once again congested. And sadly, drivers in too many cases have gone “agro." at bikers on the road. So, where do we, as cyclists, go from here?

Let’s build upon the good thing we’ve started and continue to bolster the offices, residential communities, and rec. centers that have cleaned up their indoor training spaces, improved airflow, AND are frequented by a cycling community.

We have a perfect stationary bike with a “real bike feel” for your riders.

Pair a tablet or phone to the bike, connect to Stages Cycling App or your favorite ride app*. and go!

The Stages SB20 Smart Bike is ideal for any facility with people who love to ride.

Riders who want the feel of being on the road, shifting, braking, powering in the center of the peloton, or riding solo on an empty mountain trail; but with the convenience of being in the gym, perhaps just down the hall at the office, or who want to train year-round while avoiding traffic, dust, and fickle weather.

The SB20 Smart Bike caters to every type of rider and every type of ride. *Connect to popular training apps including Zwift, TrainerRoad, Wahoo SYSTM, Peloton, and others

Contact Foundation Fitness to learn more.

Image is four bike component images placed horizontally. From left, the tablet holder with iPad and smart phone holder, pic 2, the handlebars with standard brakes and blurred studio in background, pic 3 shows three buttons for shifting from the handle bar, pic 4, shows the SP2 Stages pedal.
The SB20 is the closest to "Real Bike Feel" you'll find with any smart bike trainer

This article was written by Sarah Sager for Foundation Fitness. Questions or concerns about its content can be directed to

Foundation Fitness is a full-service, commercial, fitness center design firm. Our Sales and Design Consultants will guide you in creating a perfect training facility, cycling or boutique fitness studio, or wellness center to best meet your and your member's needs.

See some of our completed gym designs, Here.

Stages Cycling is the premium indoor cycling solution partner for Foundation Fitness and provides commercial and consumer cycling solutions for every rider. From power meters, bike computers, and versatile pedals to ride data collection, metrics and cloud services, instructor training, group cycling display, and virtual cycling solutions.

Stages Cycling is 100% cycling.

Published June 2022

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