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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

This commercial fitness center looks out at downtown Chicago. Cardio training equipment from Intenza Fitness, Stages Cycling and Jacobs Ladder , Ski Row and Torque functional training are also available.
This mixed-use commercial fitness center was designed and installed in Chicago, IL by Jeremy Bloom.

Please welcome Jeremy Bloom of Chicago, IL to the Foundation Fitness, LLC team. Jeremy grew up in, loves and lives in Chicago and will manage fitness center design and sales opportunities in the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin area as well as handle some larger regional and national accounts. Jeremy joins Foundation Fitness with a strong history in the wellness and fitness industry. Coming from EMT and firefighter training, he began working at Cardinal and Charter Fitness in Chicago. Once established he chose to make the fitness industry his long-term home and has been training and managing clubs ever since.

Jeremy will consult with commercial developers and fitness center operators who intend to build a new training facility or refresh an existing one. He’ll create customized gym design plans, make fitness equipment and flooring suggestions, oversee procurement and installation of the fitness space. Described as a, “problem solver, a solution finder,” Jeremy will say, “I consider myself to be a good person and authentic. What you see is what you get.” Jeremy’s work ethic and personal ideals align with the founding principles of Foundation Fitness, to be a good listener, exhibit agility, show intelligence, creativity, and passion about our work. Jeremy will specialize in equipment from True Fitness and Octane, Intenza Fitness, Stages Indoor Cycling, Torque Fitness, TRX Training as well as several other brands to round out equipment and budget needs.

Foundation Fitness is a leading commercial fitness center design firm with a strong understanding in what makes a gym unique and stand apart and above the rest. We offer a free consultation and 3D layout. We partner with a wide range of premium fitness equipment manufacturers to meet all training needs and the latest workout trends. Our team has well over a decade of experience creating gym solutions for all commercial markets including; Health Clubs and Boutique training studios, Indoor Cycling studios, Multi-Family residential developments, Corporate wellness, Hospitality, Outdoor training facilities, High School, College and University athletics and rec centers, Civic spaces and YMCAs/JCC facilities.

Reach Jeremy Bloom and the Foundation Fitness team direct via LinkedIn and via email:, through our website: or by phone, +1 (855) 505-9538 . Our complete list of reps. and locations follows:

Foundation Fitness team oversees the following territories (along with select national and regional clients):

  • Jayme Seppala in Oregon is the Director of Sales responsible for Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Northern California, Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

  • Jeremy Bloom in Illinois covers Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin

  • John Coffey in Colorado covers Colorado, Wyoming, Utah

  • Michelle Mills in Colorado covers Colorado, Southern California, Arizona and Hawaii,

  • DJ Koons in Colorado covers Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming

  • Giorgio Usai in Eastern Washington covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana

  • John Wallace in Oregon covers Oregon, Washington

  • Ian Krieg in Nevada covers Northern California, Nevada and Arizona

  • Katie Morris in Southern California covers Southern California

  • Foundation Fitness Marketing, Stages Cycling power meter production and Engineering are in Boulder, CO

  • Foundation Fitness Accounting, Customer Service and Senior Leadership is headquartered in Portland, OR

Questions about Foundation Fitness should be directed to Jayme Seppala, Director of Sales or Sarah Sager, Marketing at:


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