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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Why StagesStudio LITE, PRO & PRO+ and StagesStudio NOW should be an integral part of your member retention plan.

When Covid-19 hit in March 2020 and clubs began to shutter, we understood that for Health Club and Boutique Studios to survive they would need to stay connected to their members and draw them back to the facility when once again safe. Quickly shifting gears, Stages Indoor Cycling spent 2020 with this goal in mind. By creating cloud-based tools, StagesStudio LITE, PRO, PRO+ and StagesStudio NOW mobile app, the indoor cycling experience is now a singular, connected one regardless of whether the rider is in the studio or riding from home.

“Our focus has been…creating an ecosystem where your members are taking a combination of in-studio and at-home classes and not making those look like two different experiences.” ~ Mike Catterall, V.P. of Information Systems at Stages Cycling in this interview with Kristin Markey, Director of Business Development and Stages CEO Jim Liggett for Club Industry's Future of Fitness online forum.

It’s About Your Brand Not Our Brand

Throughout 2020 health clubs and studios' key focus, member retention, lead to creative ways to stay connected to the dues paying base.

In Feb. 2021, Les Mills, well known fitness industry leader reported;

  • “96% of people who tried an at-home workout from a facility would join that facility post-lockdown”(*1)

The data is consistent across the channels. It makes more sense to hold on to your established community.

  • “It is 9X more costly to recruit new members than to retain existing ones.” (*2)

WHY we developed StagesStudio LITE, PRO, PRO+ and StagesStudio NOW

Research repeatedly shows that one of the best ways for health clubs to retain members is through group exercise classes. With StagesStudio LITE, PRO, & PRO+, Instructors have simple-to-use tools in the palm of their hand to create unforgettable classes. This cloud-based tool suite allows the instructor to create each rider journey from anywhere and the same tool is used to lead class. With software integrations for CRM, class booking is simple. And, the new mobile app, StagesStudio NOW extends the live, in-studio class into the home to the rider's mobile device. With club branding, social tools, Bluetooth connectivity to collect workout data and amazing audio and video capability, the home rider has nearly the same unparalleled experience they would get while riding within the facility. And better, the mobile app can be used for any group fitness or personal training style class. Thus... club and studio operators, stay connected with their hard-earned and highly committed member base. Take a look at the rider journey...

The RESULT: StagesStudio and StagesStudio NOW

  • Club/Studio members can log in from home, into the same in-studio class with their favorite instructor and are given the same amazing experience.

  • Connecting the home bike via Bluetooth to your studio, including power meters, heart rate monitors

  • Riders receive the same post class email of ride data regardless of riding, connected in-studio or at home.

HOW our tools enable your club or studio to level-up your indoor cycling program:

  • Connect the treadmill, rower or other Bluetooth training devices to StagesStudio

  • Integrate into your CRM to manage the experience (class booking, bike maintenance) in the club

  • Allow you to connect bikes at home

  • Stay close to your favorite instructors

  • Take a traditional bike studio and expand offerings to add HIIT classes or yoga again offering a singular experience, in-studio or in the home

We gladly welcome the chance to share more information of these amazing tools.

Click HERE to Schedule a Demo for StagesStudio LITE, PRO, PRO+ and StagesStudio NOW

Contact Us HERE for additional info on StagesStudio and StagesStudio NOW


1 - Les Mills article, “Finding Success in Digital Fitness” shared in Feb. 2021

3- Stages Indoor Cycling is an industry leader in the indoor cycling market and remains well integrated into the group fitness space with the increasingly popular SC3, SC2, SC1 series indoor cycling bikes and an engaging group display system, Stages Flight. Stages Cycling developed the popular watts based power meter which is available standard on the SC3. Stages also offers indoor cycling education through Stages Cycling University. SCU classes, now offered in hybrid fashion with some online and some in-person trainings are an outstanding way to certify group fitness instructors to properly and safely create and instruct classes. Power based classes have long been the standard but recent growth in the Rhythm style class lead to development of the first and only rhythm based certification to ensure safe, effective and fun classes of this style.


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