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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

10 TIPS to consider

when planning an Outdoor Gym

Companies want to attract employees back into the office. Multi-Family residents want convenient ways to work out. Developers need to entice new tenants and sign leases, and Health Clubs want dues-paying members to stay active all summer. Each of these markets will benefit from offering a well-thought-out outdoor training space.

We're happy to share some of what we've learned to help you launch planning for an outdoor training space. Then, when ready, we'll guide you to the finish line.

1️⃣ Create a space and select equipment that meets your climate. In other words, not all fitness equipment is created equal - especially when used outside.

The hard truth - indoor equipment left outside may be impacted by weather and fall out of warranty. But, with thoughtful planning, there is an outdoor gym design and product selection for every space!

  • Place equipment storage near the doorway leading to the outdoor space.

  • Sliding doors and garage-style doors work well to create indoor/outdoor spaces. And for ease of transporting/rolling equipment in and out.

  • Outdoor storage is available in all shapes, sizes, and custom colors.

🔹Protect your investment by using professional gym design services. You will benefit from the experience and vendor relationships with a full understanding of all that goes into creating beautiful and long-lasting outdoor gyms. #whatabouttheweather #storage

2️⃣ Many facilities move equipment in and out each day. Some gym-goers make it part of their training. It's an effective and affordable solution. #storagesolutions

Indoor / Outdoor spaces conveniently let people spread out, comfortably try new exercises, enjoy some fresh air, and soak in a bit of Vitamin D.


3️⃣ Permanent Outdoor Storage provides easy access to gear as well as weather and theft protection.

Permanent Shade Structures provide relief from the elements and give your space a "destination" feel.


4️⃣ Exercise is easier in groups! Consider a few instructed sessions introducing your new gear. A new class or machine is always more fun and laughable with friends! #community

5️⃣ Leasing Solutions! A tax-deductible leasing plan lets you invest in your facility, and helps retain and attract members all with a more flexible and comfortable payment solution.

6️⃣ 💦 Weatherproof equipment is available for all training modalities and in many training styles. Certain equipment can remain outdoors permanently with lower risk of damage and can be customized to your brand. Learn More or reach out for a Free Design Consultation.

7️⃣ Travel With It! Attn. Team Sports Directors, take your training on the road with portable and durable Beaverfit Beyond Trailers, custom-designed for your athlete's needs. Perfect for traveling teams and school athletics where practice fields and training rooms may be a ways apart. #trainsmarter


8️⃣ Remember to Play! Designated outdoor fitness areas near existing break or lunch areas can encourage “accidental fitness” and healthier habits. These spaces remind adults what it’s like to play and students that they haven’t outgrown it!

9️⃣ Your Outdoor Training area should set you apart from your competition. It should reflect your brand, speak to your clientele, handle your weather, and accommodate visitor volume.

  • Large, Destination style workout zones are ideal on college campuses, in city parks, and on playgrounds.

  • Roof-Top Training is especially fun in commercial and urban settings such as office buildings, multifamily, or mixed-use buildings. Got a view? Use it!

  • Deck, Patio, and "Pocket" spaces belong anywhere there is under-used space. Transform a few parking spaces or an awkward side yard for group fitness, yoga, functional fitness, or any training that suits your gym-goer.

  • Canopies, Storage, Electrical, Wifi plus natural barriers such as plants or fountains will enhance the experience and make it more appealing and versatile.

  • THINK - it's not unlike the bbq shack and bar next to the pool or the smoothie bar + grab-and-go fuel in the gym. Give your clientele the perks that keep them around!

🔟 Seriously Without Space? In some instances, there really is no outdoor space available. Consider these options:

  • If near trails or bike paths; offer sample routes for walking & running with specific distances mapped. (ex. 1 mile, 2 mile, 3.1 mile, 6.2 mile). Encourage this as the intro. or warm-up to a class.

  • If near a park, a group fitness class meets at the gym then power walks or jogs to this destination location. Utilize natural elements and playground equipment in the class. Get Creative.

  • If no organized classes offer a map/link to the nearest playground, suggest a workout. Encourage buddy participation for fun and safety.

⏸ 🏋️‍♂️ Working out close to nature is good for the soul 🌞

Opt-Outside, lift spirits, build health. So- we may not have this view- but can find inspiration in what we do have. #escapeyourlimits

Our passion is gym design and creating beautiful, effective training spaces that help you attract and retain members, guests, business clients, tenants, and top athletes.

Have questions? We begin with a conversation, collect ideas, and begin the design process. We're ready when you are.

See more here...

Fitness Center Design For Every Space #outdoorgym #indoorgym

🔹Written for Foundation Fitness by Sarah Sager, Marketing. If you have any questions or concerns about this article, please reach out at

🔹Thank you to our spectacular partners for assisting with premium equipment and design;

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