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Design for The Future, Install for Today

When budget and space for a new or refreshed fitness center are available now but the coronavirus (or similar event - but let's hope not) lends uncertainty, some of our clients are choosing to design for the future, buy the full gym set-up now, then hold off on the full installation by placing a portion of the new equipment now - to allow for safe distancing during exercise activitiies - and store the balance of equipment until times change.

Benefits of this?

  • Single Design Plan means you’ll know where everything goes and fits down the road

  • Electrical is planned for upfront eliminating costly retrofitting

  • Use the budget while you have it

  • Equipment will be tied together in a single budget, single financing agreement (if used)

  • Collections from a single manufacturer will all look and operate the same

  • Rotate pieces in and out as needed.

In this mixed use, Corporate and shared Multi-Family space, several pieces have been placed in storage. Floor and stored pieces can be swapped to balance usage across the gear and additional i.e. treadmills, indoor cycling, will be filled in when safe.

Have questions about what makes most sense for your gym space? Contact us for a free consultation including a 3D design plan. Nice work on this space wth natural light, beautiful views and thoughtfully laid out design!

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