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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Several recent innovations in fitness technology combined with changes in how and where we workout and recover are fully integrating into the broader fitness landscape.

As you plan for the new year and evaluate your facility's fitness + wellness offerings, Foundation Fitness is here to guide you toward 3 trends with staying power.


"(there are) more than 1,000 studies linking time outside in green spaces to health benefits like lower blood pressure, a healthier nervous system, and an improved mood."

~ Dr. Josh Axe, D.C., certified doctor of natural medicine. (full article)

Outdoor specific equipment is designed to withstand the elements - a lasting win for your facility and maintenance. Gym-goers, expected to return to brick and mortar more frequently, will thank you for the benefits of training outside; Fresh Air, Vitamin D, Feeling of More Space.

Do you have a side yard, parking lot, under-used court, pool deck, or balcony? We have ideas and the lasting equipment to transform that outdoor space to draw and retain new members.


Three Sages offers restorative tools such as the Big Sur Wall Unit complete with touchscreen access to classes ranging from breath-work & meditation to yoga. Smaller units for conference rooms, home and private wellness rooms are also available.

If the pandemic gave us any gift at all, it's the realization that self-care & recovery should be a lasting addition in our daily lives. Offering a self-care and wellness amenity in your facility shows your member base you truly care about their overall wellbeing and will help set you apart from the competition!

May we suggest a few simple solutions?

A Wellness Pod, situated in a small office, unused meeting room, “wellness room” at school or other private or semi-private space is a relatively inexpensive way to offer a boost in brain power or a release of stress.

Let's configure Three Sages and Stages Cycling or a treadmill, floor mat, and other recovery and body work tools. Let's Chat.

“There will be less pressure on changing the body and using fitness as punishment in lieu of approaching a workout as a form of joy, grounding, and mental stability.” ~


So many choices! Our partnerships with industry-leaders in fitness technology put us in the best position to curate a lasting virtual training solution for your facility.

There are plenty of tools available to gyms to access or share a class but when your brand is on the line, where do you draw the line at seamless, bi-directional audio/video quality and ease of use?

For boutique studios and fitness centers looking to host live, instructor-led classes delivered in the room and/or cast to members, guests, tenants in their home, a new fitness app, Stages Studio + offers the highest quality audio/video and social interaction tools you’ll find. Another win for Stages Studio +, it will work for any type of class from high energy indoor cycling and boot camps, to yoga, barre or even cooking and “Ted” style talks if the need suits your facility.

Alternately, fitness rooms sitting empty much of the time can quickly be outfitted with virtual teaching and training tools like Les Mills Virtual, delivering the highly popular Les Mills group exercise programming to a large screen in the room.

And how do you offer the latest functional fitness gear to your members and tenants when you don’t have on the floor trainers? Escape MARS, digital training tool mounts to the wall, rig or between two storage stacks and with a simple touchscreen offers immediate equipment instruction and workouts.

A few of our solutions partners in Fitness Apps and Virtual Training:

Foundation Fitness will expertly design your commercial fitness space and help you navigate the many fit-tech offerings and new trends that we expect will stay in the fitness & wellness landscape. If you’re considering a new space or upgrade, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Articles referenced here include additional trends for 2022

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